Security Retainer Agreement

You pay an upfront security deposit retainer of between $2000 and $5000, depending on the issues in your case.

The security retainer remains in the lawyer's trust account  (secure bank account).   You will pay for the services rendered each month.  Only when the case is finished or the law firm withdraws from the case (due to non-payment or some other reason) will the security retainer money be taken out of the bank account to pay for the attorney's fees and costs.  Think of the security retainer like a security deposit when you rent.

Client will receive a monthly invoice that must be paid within two weeks of receipt in order to have uninterrupted legal representation.


You may want to choose this plan if you have limited savings but a steady income.  The retainer is lower and your monthly bill will not always be the same depending on what services were done in that month.  This option allows you to work with the attorney on making payments while at the same time providing the firm assurance that it will be paid since there is a security deposit.


You would have to provide a sum of money up front and then also have to pay monthly bills.

At The Wright Law Offices, PC it is understood that finances play a large role in decision making.  Your own mental health, physical health, and those of your loved ones and children are affected by how much you spend on litigation.  We are not afraid to tell you different pricing plans available to you and to work with you if we can.

Flat Fee (Unbundled)

You pay a flat fee for a specific task, such as preparing a motion and appearing at a hearing.  The fee will be discussed at the initial consultation if you want to use this plan.  The lawyer shall immediately withdraw from the case as soon as the agreed upon task is over.

The attorney shall require a flat fee based on the anticipated amount of time to complete the task.


You will not have to come up with a large retainer since the attorney will only be handling specific tasks.


You may pay more per hour than you would with the other plan because the issues may be resolved quicker.

Everyone in the case, including the judge and the opposing party, will know that your lawyer will withdraw from the case immediately after the tasks are performed.

Legal Fees for our Services

Standard Retainer Agreement

You pay an upfront retainer between $2000 and $6000, depending on the issues in the case.

The standard retainer remains in the lawyer's trust account until you are invoiced each month, and then the legal fees and costs reflected on the invoice are pulled from the trust account to pay the firm its fees.  Once the retainer is depleted to approximately $500, you must replenish the retainer account with $2000 more.

The hourly legal fee is $350, billed in tenths of an hour.


You will not have to pay monthly fees and costs.  If you have to borrow money from one source, you may want to get it all at one time to retain your lawyer rather than go back to your creditor repeatedly.


You will have to pay more money up front than with the Security Deposit Retainer because the firm takes on a much larger risk of non-payment.