Practice Areas

Using state of the art technology and old fashioned common sense, this law firm handles family law cases (divorce, custody, separation, support,  relocation, enforcement, name change, adoption).   Our divorce and family law attorneys are located in Las Vegas, Nevada close to Green Valley in Henderson, Nevada.

Family attorneys in Henderson and Las Vegas offer multiple payment arrangements to help divorcing clients or clients with child custody or other issues afford legal representation in family court
Family lawyers litigate cases and therefore approach every new case with the view of winning at trial if negotiations fail.  Family law firm clients are informed of the potential outcomes, risks, and costs.       

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Family law attorneys generally work in the following areas:


Contested Divorce
Settlement Conference
Uncontested Divorce
Default Divorce
International Divorce
Military Divorce

Child Custody

Primary Physical Child Custody
Joint Physical Child Custody
Sole Legal Custody of children
Joint Legal Custody of children
Right of first refusal
Full custody of child
Shared Custody of children
Abandonment, effects on
Abuse and Neglect, effects on
Domestic Violence, effects on


Premarital agreement, prenuptial agreement
Postnuptial agreement
Ability to pay vs. Need

Child Support

Establishment of

Child Custody, effects on
Time share, effects on


Changed Circumstances
Increase or decrease in gross monthly income
Up, beyond the statutory amount (deviation upward)
Down, below the statutory amount (deviation downward)

Non-monetary contributions of parents
Willful Unemployment
Willful Underemployment

Spousal Support

Willful Unemployment
Willful Underemployment

Separate Property

Premarital agreement, prenuptial agreement
Postnuptial agreement

Community Property    

Premarital agreement, prenuptial agreement
Postnuptial agreement

Child Relocation

With Sole Physical Custody
With Primary Physical Custody


Of blood relative



Father's Rights

Establishing paternity
When married to mother
When not married to the mother

Mother's Rights

When father has stepped up
When father is a deadbeat

Name Change

Of minor child
Of adult

Family Violence and Crimes

Temporary Protection Orders
Domestic Violence
Child Abuse

Post Decree Enforcement
Termination of Parental Rights

Family law cases are extremely sensitive; a Henderson family lawyer will strive to make the transition smooth for you and your family. Paying attention to how extremely difficult it is to go through a Family law case in Nevada, your Henderson family lawyer will negotiate, mediate, and litigate as necessary.

To get the best strategy or advice for your Family law matter, you will want to have a list of questions prepared and bring any and all documentation that you think will be relevant to your Family law case.

Anthony M. Wright is a Henderson family lawyer.  When you have a Family law legal battle in Henderson, consult with Mr. Wright at The Wright Law Offices for an inexpensive consultation about your Family law.

Mr. Wright has been successfully litigating Family law cases since 2005 in the Eighth Judicial District Court of Nevada, which is the court holding jurisdiction over residents in Clark County, Las Vegas, Boulder City, Mesquite, and Henderson. However, like most lawyers that handle Family law, Mr. Wright is a Henderson family lawyer that believes that the courtroom is not the only or best place to resolve the complex and sensitive issues that are commonly found in Family law matters. Recognizing that every client and case is different, Mr. Wright advocates the use of negotiation and mediation to resolve Family law disputes.