Henderson Attorney Anthony M. Wright

Anthony M. Wright

Anthony earned his J.D. Degree from the William S. Boyd School of Law in Las Vegas in 2004.  Prior to law school, he earned is bachelor of science in Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2000.

Anthony believed that in starting his own practice, he could be more effective in helping people deal with a variety of legal issues. In 2006, Anthony founded The Wright Law Offices, PC. Since then, he has represented thousands of clients in Municipal, State, and Federal Courts in Clark County. The Wright Law Offices has allowed Anthony to fully realize his passion for helping people at all levels of litigation, and in some cases, avoid litigation.Anthony is admitted to practice before municipal, justice, district, supreme, and federal courts in Nevada.  

Taking continuing education very seriously, Anthony has completed the following legal continuing education since graduating law school:


Ely Family Law Conference covering: 

Nuts and Bolts of Family Law Practice; 
Supreme Court Panel: NRCP 16.2 and Advice on Improving your Approach; 
The Complexities of Custody: Jurisdiction and Enforcement Prolems under Nevada Law;
Ethics and Very Hard Choices in Evidence; 
Drug, Alcohol Abuse and Domestic Violence; 
Case and Legislative Update; 
Custody and Conflict; 
Spy Stuff: Can we use it in Court?    January Family Law Bench-Bar Meeting: Family Mediation Center and the services they provide.  Joyce Gallina to discuss issues directly regarding recording child interviews, protocols used, qualifications for mediators/interviewers, communications between FMC and the court/attorneys, and pressures/motivators used by mediators to settle cases


Advanced Family Law covering:

Bruce I. Shapiro, Introduction and Moderator, 
Humberto Rodriguez, SOS Litigation Services, What you should know about court reporters and their ethical rules.
 Gary Silverman, Litigating Relocation Cases.
Judge Rob Bare,  Ethical Issues From the Bench.  Former Bar Counsel will discuss ethical issues from his new prospective.  
Howard Ecker, Cohabitation Agreements.
James J. Jimmerson, Decree of Divorce versus Decree of Separate Maintenance and how to avoid malpractice.
Judge Charles Hoskin, Trial Practice in Family Court.
Robert Dickerson,  Malpractice Traps When Preparing and Reviewing Prenuptial Agreement.  
Marshal Willick & Ed Kainen,  The Great Debates.  Ed and Marshal will debate current trends and issues in Nevada family law.
Radford Smith, Evidentiary Issues In Family Court.
Tom Standish,   Presenting Property Distributions at Trial.
Supreme Court Justices Kristina Pickering and Nancy Saitta,  Supreme Court Family Law Update.
 Family Court Judges Forum, Family Court Judges Bryce Duckworth; Frank Sullivan; Cynthia Guiliani; Charles Hoskin; Cheryl Moss; Robert Teuton; Cynthia Diane Steele; Mathew Harter; William Potter; William Voy and Vincent Ochoa discuss important issues and answer your questions.
 Reception and Announcement of Family Court Judge of the Year.  Reception hosted by Jolley, Urga, Wirth, Woodbury and Standish; Willick Law Group; Radford J. Smith; and Criminal Law covering:

Big Bill Haywood's Revenge: The Original Intent of theExclusionary Rule -- Milton Hirsch
Come to Fight, Fight to Win: Effective Use of the Computer Trial Notebook -- Diedreich von Lehe
Whose Courtroom is it Anyway: Keeping the Jury and the Prosecutor in their Place -- David Lewis
Recent Supreme Court Decision on Padilla v. Kentucky -- Peter AshmanFamily Law Bench Bar Meetings:

November Family Law Bench-Bar Meeting:  Discovery Issues
September Family Law Bench-Bar Meeting:  Judicial Pet Peeves
 August Family Law Bench-Bar Meeting:  AB 156 and the modified Affidavit of Service requirements, service requirements and considerations for motion practice, and the judicially reviewed list from the clerk's office regarding rejected filings. 
April Family Law Bench-Bar Meeting:  Law Clerk Checklist, Standardizing Landreth, Discovery Commissioner Issues.   2010      

Selecting Nevada's Judges: Protecting Impartiality and Ensuring Accountability       

Advanced Family Law covering:

Introduction - Program moderated by Bruce Shapiro
Selected Topics Concerning Enforcement of Judgments: Appeals, Stays and Liens - Marshal Willick
Bankruptcy in Family Court - Shelley Krohn
Simplify Your Trial Preparation Life: Low-Tech and High-Tech Tools for Alimony and Asset Division Issues - Tom Standish and Melissa Attanasio
Tax Issues in Divorce - Ken Burns and Neal Chambers
Same Sex Marriages...and Divorce - Ishi Kunin
Personal v. Enterprise Goodwill in Businesses - Radford Smith
Evidence and Trial Practice in Family Court (Yes, the rules do apply) - Judge Charles Hoskin
Employment Law For Lawyer Employers - Carolyn Zucker
Law Office Management - Howard Ecker
Ethical Trends - Bar Counsel Rob Bare
Recent Nevada Supreme Court Decisions in Family Law - Supreme Court Justices Kristina Pickering and Nancy Saitta2009

Cyber Crime Search and Seizure
Ethic Practice Hot Topics
Ethic Practice Hot Topics
Nonprofit Organizations
Expansion ADA
Arbitration Trends
Attorneys on the Internet
Insurance Claim
Pleasure Boating Law
Estate Plan Blended
Electric Data Discovery
Slaying Goliath
Trademark Law in Depth
Workplace Privacy2007             

Ely Family Law Conference covering:

Gary Nickelson, Esq. and Tom Vick, Esq.: Client Expectations; Temporary Orders; Property Case on a Shoestring
Ed Kainen, Esq.:  Case law update
Mary Anne Decaria, Esq.: View from the Bench
Chief Justice William Maupin: Proposed NRCP 16.2
Gary Nickelson, Esq. and Brian Webb, Esq.: Substance Abuse; Custody Cases
Christopher Nickelson, Esq., Gary Nickelson, Esq., Tom Vick, Esq., and Brian Webb, Esq.: Preserving Error at Trial; Top 10 Mistakes at Trial; Appellate Advocacy
Diaz Dixon & Kevin Quint: Addictive Disorders
Dr. John Hiatt: Toxicology:  Understanding Drug Screens and Reports
Michael V. Kattelman, Esq.: Legislative Update
Catherine Holland Petersen and Virginia Henson: Ethics: Scenarios to avoid.
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